Witt IndustrieElektronik offers a range of products to monitor rail infrastructure systems.

The products in this field are

Driving Voltage Monitor

The catenary voltage of DC railways must be measured before individual sections can be connected. An electrical connection of those sections may only take place in case all voltage values are within… Continued

Cable Fault Monitoring Device CFM

The device is used for the monitoring of the insulation of DC cable systems. It works without auxiliary power supply. The connection is made between the insulating outer shell and a reference… Continued

Surge Arrestor Monitoring

The Surge Arresstor Monitoring Devise SAM measures the status of a surge arrestor and reports a broken one.

Surge arrestors are employed in a number of areas in railway operation to keep… Continued

Insulator Monitoring Device IMD

The device monitors the insulation between common earth and return conductors in DC Railway Systems.

The device measures the voltage between a structure / building and a reference electrode connected with earth. For… Continued