This monitoring station observes the differential voltage between earthing systems. This is typically the return conductor and such the rail vehicle and on the other side a building structure, e.g. the platform or items electrically connected with the platform. The voltage detectable in these places can be easily harmful, as it is primarily direct current (DC).

Via sensors in the station voltages are measured. If harmful potentials are detected the earthing systems are temporarily short circuited as demanded in EN 50122. The system consists out of a control cabinet with the appropriate electrical connections.

Time and location of an occurrence of a voltage is registered and analysed. The voltage is removed by temporarily short circuiting of the earth systems.

The systems delivers certified and calibrated results – depending on the monitored value and the required / requested accuracy. If a measurement fails, this event and the reason for it are recorded.

Further details are described here and in the pages covering Earth Potential Meters EPM and Earth Short Cutting devices ESC as well as Stray Current Monitoring.