For our clients building, operating or maintaining rail bound transport systems our experienced team has developed customer specific electronic systems from the areas

  • safety systems for DC railroads like ground short-circuiting devices
  • monitoring of railroad infrastructure like supervision systems for overhead traction lines
  • Measuring systems for railway infrastructure, wheel alignment, wheel condition monitoring, measurement systems for switches, rail condition diagnostics, etc.

All systems have been created in close cooperation with our customers. Jointly they are tested and put into operation in the real environment. This way it is assured that the environmental influences of the daily operation – wet, dry, hot, cold, dusty, vibrations – are tolerated and that the results are reliable. In addition it is guaranteed that the goal of the customer is fulfilled – be it cost savings, increased life span of systems, protection of persons and infrastructure.

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Optimisation of Rail Maintenance

The maintenance of rail infrastructure – like sleepers, points, rails as well as the wheels and carriages of the moving stock – constitutes a complex, labour intensive and costly task. Deutsche Bahn AG as… Continued

Systems for Direct Current Railways

For Direct Current (DC) Railways Witt IndustrieElektronik develops and implements a wide range of protective and measurement systems.

Operating DC railways there is always the risk that unacceptable high contact voltages evolve… Continued

Monitoring of Rail Infrastructure

Witt IndustrieElektronik offers a range of products to monitor rail infrastructure systems.

The products in this field are

surge arrestor monitoring
insulation monitoring device
driving voltage monitor
cable fault monitoring device… Continued