The testbed is conducting life tests on heaters of different designs for use in large-scale electrical devices. Executed is the measurement of the internal resistance and of the heating function after electrical and thermal load over a predefined number of load cycles.

The different types of heater-devices can be fixed via separate fittings in the water bath. The parallel testing of a maximum of 10 heaters is possible. The electrical load can be varied with over and under voltage. Thermal stress is achieved by heating of the water from inlet temperature to the maximum of 100 ° C. The cyclical measurement of internal resistance and the isolation take place with a programmable ohmmeter in 4-wire technology.

The software is designed for tests over long periods with possible disruptions. Thus, intermittent tests can continue after acknowledgment. All measurement values are stored. An online assessment of the values as graphs is always possible. The measurement of the internal- and insulation resistance is based on configurable number of load cycles. Also the total number of cycles is adjustable. A malfunction leads to termination of checks for this particular heater; all others will continue.

For more information please refer to the datasheet: