This testbed performs life tests for various switch designs for use in mass produced electrical devices. Executed is the measurement of contact resistance and the switching function after electrical and mechanical stress for a given number of load cycles.

The different types of switches such as rotary switches, micro switches, etc. are fixed by means of separate brackets. The electrical load of the switching contacts can be realized via standard AC 1,600 W heaters or interchangeable load resistors with DC. The cyclical measure of the contact resistance is done by a special Ohmmeter in 4-wire technology.

To test power switches of washing machines a water quench is supplied for load simulations.

The software is designed for measurements over long periods with possible disruptions. Thus, intermittent trials can continue after acknowledgement. All measurement values are stored. An online evaluation as graph is always possible. The measurement of contact resistance is based on configurable number of load cycles. Also the total number of cycles is arbitrary. A malfunction – for example from a sealed switch contact – stops the examination for this switch, all others will continue.

For more information please refer to the datasheet: