In larger plants, particularly in process engineering, the central monitoring and recording of process parameters is essential. This task was previously done in centralized control rooms by specialized teams. Today’s networking and PC technology facilitates to perform this task decentralized from a desk.

For this purpose, besides the features mentioned above an adequate visualization software is needed. Maintainability, reliability, and not least the delivered service determines the acceptance of such applications.

Modularity, configurability of the display, control limits and the use of reliable and proven compiler for the development of these visualizations are the basics for this project.

For example, PV 11.5 is used for monitoring gas concentrations in the petrochemical industry. The concentrations are captured periodically by external measurement systems, recorded in a database and monitored for compliance with limits. Any violation of these limits is displayed visually and acoustically.

PV 11.5 is part of a series of similar applications that were created with the development system LabVIEW of National Instruments. The structure of these programs are very similar except the connections for data acquisition. Overviews, name and location of measurement points can be freely designed with configuration files. A maximum of 200 measuring points can be integrated.

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