Our roots can be found in the cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers of the consumer industry. We have collected over decades experiences with the design and production of testing equipment for

  • Development of components
  • Clearing process for components and appraisals
  • End of line tests

Specially for househould appliances a wide range of solutions have been developed:

  • Controller
  • Electric engines
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Temperature sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Switches in all configurations
  • Driving belts
  • Heating elements

For further products please also refer to the section “Components“.

Laboratory Analytics

The aim of the application is the automation of a chemical laboratory for the determination of optimized mixtures. Carried out is the automatic handling of common laboratory instruments and supplies. The integration… Continued

Process Visualisation

In larger plants, particularly in process engineering, the central monitoring and recording of process parameters is essential. This task was previously done in centralized control rooms by specialized teams. Today‚Äôs networking… Continued

Testbed Heating Elements

The testbed is conducting life tests on heaters of different designs for use in large-scale electrical devices. Executed is the measurement of the internal resistance and of the heating function after… Continued

Testbed for Switches

This testbed performs life tests for various switch designs for use in mass produced electrical devices. Executed is the measurement of contact resistance and the switching function after electrical and mechanical stress… Continued