The testbed executes stress tests and tolerance measurements for qualification of parts of suppliers. The resistance of NTCs (thermistors), and the switching points of bimetal switches is measured.

The testbed guarantees high reliability for long-term tests of several of weeks. The tester can carry both high-precision measurements of single parts, as well as long-term tests of up to 16 parts. The medium is water. Both cold and hot cycles with any number of repetition can be executed.

An industrial PC and external, calibrateable instruments connected via GPIB-bus are employed. The calibration of the whole system is conducted. A wide variety of specimens is possible. The test parameters can be defined at the users discretion. After an interrupted test the system is restarted automatically. The software is realised in LabVIEW ®. The test results are displayed and stored for further analysis.

For more information please refer to the datasheet: