LabVIEW® is a graphical programming tool from National Instruments. The acronym stands for “Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench”. The programming system is installed on the testbed or on the associated PC.

Using a sophisticated development environment with LabVIEW® user interfaces are developed. The programming is performed with a graphical programming language called “G”, using the data stream model. The focus is on data collection and –processing. Diagrams of the processes can be easily displayed and pre-defined user interfaces (e.g. for the handling dialogue) can be used straightforward.

The use of LabVIEW® is versatile and encompasses the following areas:

  • Measurement and control
  • Test bed construction
    • Measurement of all physical values
    • Control of all physical values

LabVIEW® can be implemented on all PCs especially industrial PCs.

An important result of LabVIEWs graphical programming is the ease, with which parallel processes can be programmed.

The front panel of LabVIEW® is a very comfortable way of generating programs with an easy to use graphical interface.

The graphical presentation of the program flow is increasing the readability considerably – if the project is not too complex.

Using the supporting communication protocols and connection technologies it is possible to control and use distant devices – e.g. in inaccessible locations or other countries. For this purpose TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is used among others.

For more information please refer to the datasheet: