After the production of a Lithium-Ion cell a first charging and discharging is performed. During this process the so called Solid-Electrolyte-Interface (SEI) is formed, which has a significant influence on the performance of the cell. Witt IndustrieElektronik offers a system, which optimizes this process significantly.

The charging and discharging of the batteries is organised via a forming control as well as an energy management with the goal of the highest possible energy efficiency. For a highly precise voltage measurement to detect the load status Witt IndustrieElektronik is employing its comprehensive experiences in formation methods for high voltage surge arrestors.

The communication with the entire system is secured using a regular redundant PC. The cells are combined in trays and transferred to the forming station in communication with the system control. A customization of the forming steps is possible during the ongoing operation.

A further advantage of this unit is that the energy being discharged is used for charging the next cell. This way the power consumption is minimized.

For more information please refer to the datasheet: