A fully automatic wiring and functional testing of a controller-unit mounted with external components is executed.  Carried out are the semi-automatic adaptation with lowerable adapter and probes as well as an automatic generating of the test sequence based on the wiring diagram of the specimen.

The specimen is adapted to the rail terminals with manually operated adapters. With the scanned serial number and the associated set of drawings, the test sequence is generated automatically. The full test is automatically executed. In fail – condition a repair order with exact details is generated and printed. All measurement data is archived for quality documentation.

The test adapter is fitting itself to the tolerances of the terminal blocks mounted on DIN rail. This is achieved by using floating adapter segments that can be centered and contact independently of each other .

The test software is created in NI LabVIEW. The measurement hardware can be scaled to any application.

For more information please refer to the datasheet: