From complex electronic modules up to seemingly simple driving belts: We have developed for some rather special specimens a fitting solution.

Whether high output or high testing accuracy or testing depth, full integration in the production process or stand-alone systems: We have the know how. Following are a few examples:

  • Electronic modules
  • Batteries
  • Driving belts
  • Electric engines
  • Relais

Formation of Switching-Spark Gaps

This systems supports the automation of the formation of gas-filled switching-spark gaps, used to start the ignition of xenon lamps. The ionization of the gas is performed in reproducible quality… Continued

DC / DC Converter

The DC/DC Converter transform a direct current as input in a direct current with higher, lower or inverted voltage level as output. This DC/DC converter for rail mounting is built… Continued

Forming System for Lithium-Ion Batteries

After the production of a Lithium-Ion cell a first charging and discharging is performed. During this process the so called Solid-Electrolyte-Interface (SEI) is formed, which has a significant influence… Continued

Industrial Isolation Amplifier

These isolation amplifiers are designed for the application in a rough industrial environment. The main operation purposes are:

Signal acquisition.
Signal shaping and transfer.
Signal conditioning and adaptation.

The versatility of the… Continued


Low-cost, freely-programmable digital control-unit for mobile applications.

The control-unit is programmable in standard, high-level language and based on a MCS 51 compatible CPU-unit of Atmel.

The… Continued

Motor Actuator

The actuator is employed to control the revolutions of permanent-magnet direct-current motors with an operational voltage of 12 to 24 V DC.

Through pulse width modulation a reliable output voltage… Continued

Switching Matrix

Traditionally electrical connections (n inputs to m outputs) are switched on or off respectively  in case of need.

The automatic switching matrix allows – after a one-time, initial wiring of all in… Continued

Controller Testbed

A fully automatic wiring and functional testing of a controller-unit mounted with external components is executed.  Carried out are the semi-automatic adaptation with lowerable adapter and probes as well as… Continued

Testbed Temperature Sensors

The testbed executes stress tests and tolerance measurements for qualification of parts of suppliers. The resistance of NTCs (thermistors), and the switching points of bimetal switches is measured.

The testbed guarantees high… Continued

Calibration of Pressure Sensors

The system performs the calibration of a maximum of five pressure sensors for engine testbeds. A calibration protocol is created and the data is transferred into a measuring equipment-database.

The pressure… Continued

Testbed Flow Sensors

This test bed performs the automated clearance- and long-term tests for flow sensors in washing machines.

The testbed can carry both high-precision measurements on one DUT (device under test), as… Continued

Testbed Transmission Belts

The testbed executes automatic clearance- and long term tests for transmission belts in washing machines.

The tester can carry out both high-precision measurements on single DUTs (device under test), as well… Continued

Software Development with LabVIEW

LabVIEW® is a graphical programming tool from National Instruments. The acronym stands for “Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench”. The programming system is installed on the testbed or on the associated PC.

Using… Continued

Elevator Shaft Simulation

The device is used for the simulation of elevator shafts. The main areas of application of the simulation are in the development, manufacturing and inspection of elevator controllers.

All relevant elevator shaft… Continued


For customer specific requirements we design and build highly specialized adapters to contact test specimens.

The requirements are for example

high number of cycles of operations
automatic contacting of the specimen
contacting… Continued