The automation of the in-production inspection of gas filled switching-spark gaps for triggering of xenon lamps. The aim was to do the inspection with high flow capacity and fixed cycle time and a high number of switching cycles. The system shows a compact set-up and a variable assembly with measurement modules. A parallel inspection of several specimen is possible.

Depending on customer specifications the inspection depth is variable. The classification of the elements can be done in up to 16 different bowls. The system stores the data of each measurement and prints a batch statistic.

The installation is characterised by easy handling, multi-lingual user interface and several access levels.

The switching of the high voltage is done by electronic semi-conductor switches. Measurements of voltages up to 8,000 V, gradients up to 5,000 V/ µs and an isolation resistance up to 50GOhm are possible. All digital and analogue In- / Outputs are galvanically separated using fibre optics.

The measurement of the trigger value is executed using a custom designed peak-value memory. Freely programmable measuring boards are employed. The user interface is programmed with LabVIEW®.

For more information please have a look at the data sheet: