The motor testbed UMPS 3 facilitates the testing of a wide selection of electric engines and electronic motor control units.

The variety of combinations is due to the fact that electric motors in large scale units are used at optimal cost. That means, for each application the optimal drive is selected from engine and electrical / electronic control. This selection is based on a number of technical requirements on the drive itself, which are summarized in technical data (specifications).

The engine test bed UMPS 3 is a software-controlled universal test stand, where all relevant technical data can be customised. This allows the test engineer to simulate any previously defined conditions and stresses (mechanical, thermal, electrical). The tester UMPS 3 then processes these sequences in variable iterations and documents the measurement values and intermediate results.

Error limits and thresholds are defined and setup before the test so that damage to the specimen is avoided or deliberately caused to be performed.

The software (created in LabVIEW / CVI) asks the user for all the necessary control parameters of the test sequence, for the protocol logging and for the error bounds.

In the hardware additional limits can be set up, so that always a safe test operation is guaranteed – even without software influences.

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