The system executes all production-related tests during the entire manufacturing process. The test of the energy-capacity of individual cells and of the main battery is performed. This is done by defined loading and unloading of the battery. In addition a leak testing and verification of electrical insulation is performed.

The automatic tester for battery consists of five individual test rigs that can be freely integrated into the manufacturing process. The communication between the benches is conducted via Ethernet. All test results are assigned centrally to the serial number of each device. In addition, the serial numbers of installed sub-assemblies are detect and archived with the scanner. The individual test steps are programmable and can be turned on/off. As a consequence a customer-specific test level with optimal throughput time is possible.

The user determines the necessary control parameters for the test sequence and logging with the operating software (created in LabVIEW). All parameters are stored reproducible. The system can operate over various access levels assigned for test, set up and maintenance.

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