Any components can be measured highly precise and three dimensional with a laser. In the example the contact surface of a train wheel is measured fully automatic and contact-free. The quality of the component is evaluated using a tolerance band. If limits are exceeded a message is generated. In addition all measurements are stored in a data base.

A laser projects a highly precise reference line on a wheel. The picture is scanned from several angles using cameras with a high resolution. The measurement is performed through one turn of the wheel.

The component images are summarized and the 3-dimensional coordinates of the wheel computed.

By conducting comparing measurements at defined time intervals a continuous supervision of the wheels is performed. When exceeding the limits a message is generated and the measurements as well as a proposal how to remove the fault are transmitted to an operations centre.

Measurements include for the train wheel example:

  • profile-related measurement values such as wheel flange height and thickness, edge steepness, wheel width,
  • measurement values related to the direction of movement such as axial run-out, concentricity, wheel flats, spalling / rollover
If you want to learn more about the system just download the data sheet: