Due to our longstanding cooperation with automotive companies we know about the characteristics of the quality assurance of this industry:

  • Testing
  • Documenting
  • Archiving

We were able to collect experiences in the design and production of test equipment for

  • Batteries
  • Forming and testing of components of Xenon lighting technology
  • Temperature sensors
  • Gauging of components and
  • Calibration of taxi meters

For further products please also refer to the section “Components“.

3 D Components Measurement

Any components can be measured highly precise and three dimensional with a laser. In the example the contact surface of a train wheel is measured fully automatic and contact-free. The quality… Continued

Formingsystem for Switching Spark Gaps

This systems supports the automation of the formation of gas-filled switching-spark gaps, used to start the ignition of xenon lamps. The ionization of the gas is performed in reproducible quality… Continued

Testbed for Switching-Spark Gaps

The automation of the in-production inspection of gas filled switching-spark gaps for triggering of xenon lamps. The aim was to do the inspection with high flow capacity and fixed cycle… Continued

Test System for Lithium Ion Batteries

The system executes all production-related tests during the entire manufacturing process. The test of the energy-capacity of individual cells and of the main battery is performed. This is done by… Continued

Testbed for Electric Engines

The motor testbed UMPS 3 facilitates the testing of a wide selection of electric engines and electronic motor control units.

The variety of combinations is due to the fact that electric motors… Continued

Automatic Test Equipment for Serial Parts

The automatic test equipment checks electrical, electronic or pneumatic components, which are manufactured in large numbers, for function and compliance with technical specifications.

The automatic tester for production parts consists out of… Continued

Testbed Calibration Vehicle Data

The testbed executes the calibration of taximeters, odometer and speed measurement and speed display devices on cars / vans with roller dynamometer test benches for distance and speed measurements.

The wheels of the… Continued