Witt IndustrieElektronik to participate at Innotrans

As in 2016 Witt IndustrieElektronik will participate in the world largest trade fair for transport technology – Innotrans Berlin.

Come and visit us between September 18 an 21 in the City Cube booth 203 (partner exhibition Berlin-Brandenburg)


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Witt deepens know-how in lithium-ion technologies

In cooperation with the development and research partners embeddeers, Beuth University for Applied Sciences and Technical University of Berlin Witt was selected to conduct a research project with public funding. In the next two years an innovative procedure for the quality assurance of lithium-ion-cells is to be developed.

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Protection for Passenger of DC Railway Systems

While operating DC traction systems with return conductor via the running rail voltages can occur because of the different earthing resistance. These voltages can be hazardous for passengers and equipment. One of the measures to protect passengers against impermissible touch voltages is the temporary short-circuiting of the various earthing systems according to EN 50122-1.

The newest development of the Witt Earth Short Circuiting Device is already fulfilling all requirements of the newest version of the relevant European norm. This system was developed for Deutsche Bahn to be employed with S-Bahn Berlin.

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Your engineering partner – Witt IndustrieElektronik

Witt IndustrieElektronik is a renowned and acknowledged engineering partner of national and international rail operators. We develop technologically innovativ solutions for metrological and testing related challenges – in extreme environmental conditions.

Your assignment will be fulfilled goal oriented with a high degree of methodology and with a systematic approach as well as agile methods. Special attentions is given to quality assurance and testing. In this context we have developed a large methodical competence as well as a special laboratory environment. This represents a significant optimization for the whole development process.

Witt Know How

  • Determining of potentials
  • Determining of electrical currents
  • Determining of vibrations
  • Determining of position
  • Contact-free determination of distance, path, volume

An additional focus is on our Professional Power Monitoring (PPM). In this division we are specialized in the production and distribution of components for potentials up to 3kV and currents up to 50kA for rail industry and industrial applications. A wide range of the completely redesigned protection- and signalling devices are now smart 4.0 products. Concerning person- and building protection we can offer products which adhere to the norm EN 50122. Additionally some of the products have a EBA (Eisenbahnbundesamt) certification. Deutsche Bahn, Berlin Public Transportation System BVG, S-Bahn Berlin (Berlin metro), Ruhrbahn GmbH, S-Bahn Hamburg and Bernmobil belong to our satisfied customers.

Product Portfolio

  • Earth Short Circuiting Devices
  • Earth Potential Measurement Devices
  • Potential Monitoring
  • Cable Fault Monitoring
  • Driving Voltage Monitoring
  • Insulation Monitoring
  • Potential Limiting Devices

You will find a company overview in our brochure: 

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Cooperation of experts generates perfection

What makes us different from other companies?

Our Know-How – your competitive advantage!

Numerous, successfully completed projects show that Witt IndustrieElektronik is successfully, individually, quickly and reliably executing projects for our customers based on our extensive know-how, a clear planning and project management as well as an efficient combination of experts from the relevant specialisations. Our projects are characterised by

  • exact, complete planning
  • absolute timeliness
  • compliance with – even short termed – datelines and cost
  • a persistently high quality in all activities

This made us a preferred partner for our clients. Satisfied clients and a long lasting, cooperative partnership are our best references.

Industrial Electronics

For manufacturing companies of any type Witt IndustrieElektronik covers the whole life cycle of an inspection and test system: From technical design specifications via development of components, integration of components to systems, system implementation including certification to user training and maintenance.

Starting with handheld devices up to automatic systems which are fully integrated into the production process.

A wide range of application is covered: Batteries, electric engines, transmission belts, relays and switches, sensors, lamps and more – based on customer specifications and accounting for relevant norms and standards (EN, ISO, SIL …)

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Rail Electronics

For our clients building, operating or maintaining rail bound transport systems our experienced team has developed for more than 40 years customer specific electronic systems from the areas

  • safety systems for DC railroads like ground short-circuiting devices
  • monitoring of railroad infrastructure like supervision systems for overhead traction lines
  • Measuring systems for railway infrastructure, wheel alignment, wheel condition monitoring, measurement systems for switches, rail condition diagnostics, etc

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Case Studies

Here you will find case studies covering our products and services as well as news from the field of electronics. Just have a look from time to time what´s new!